OUR COVID-19 RESPONSE: https://www.truenorthchurch.net/psa




Dear Church Family,

Until further notice, all of our Sunday worship experiences will be online and the phsyical building will be closed.

We will continue to update you through emails (if you're not getting them, sign up here), texts, and post things on Instagram and Facebook to keep you informed. We will also be monitoring #churchonthecouch, so use this hashtag for your posts and tag us to stay connected.

If you have a Prayer Request you can submit it here.

We love you and want to you to be safe, healthy, and continue to focusing on God! Keep Honoring God, Loving Others, and Serving All (in new, creative ways) in this season.


Pastor Bert

PS – It’s more important to our church than EVER before that your financial support for True North come in via digital means. The absence of our morning services has the potential to deeply impact our budget, so if you give to our church- please consider doing so at www.truenorthchurch.net/give or text the word TRUENORTH to 77977 and follow the link.